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  1. KooKerpo

    What do you start with the first time you create a song ?

  2. KooKerpo

    What PC is good for Fl Studio

    You probably want to buy a new computer (or you already have one) and you don't know how well FL STUDIO works on it. 🙄 Well, I'm giving you one advice today. go to CPU Benchmark and look for the processor that your new PC will have (or has). depending on the score, you will see how use FL STUDIO...
  3. KooKerpo

    How boost your CPU performance at Fl Studio

    You probably have a PC with a smaller processor and sometimes when you create a bigger project, it causes you problems. 🥺 Well, in the video below you can learn how to optimize your CPU in Fl studio so that it doesn't consume too many resources. Remember, if you have this passion, a weak PC...
  4. KooKerpo

    What is Mixing and Mastering ?

    Mixing: is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. In the process, a source's volume level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated or enhanced. This practical, aesthetic, or otherwise creative treatment is done in order to produce...
  5. KooKerpo

    What categories are missing from this forum ?

    Hello.🖐️ The forum is new, and I don't think I've posted all the categories on this forum.🙁 I'm alone and it's not easy for me. That is why I turn to your advice. ☺️ What categories do you think are missing on this forum. Post below 🤜🤛
  6. KooKerpo

    We are looking for moderators

    Hello🖐️, WELLCOME. ☺️ We are at the beginning, both us and you. With this topic, I want to tell you that we are looking for moderators, members of the RProducers.Com team.🤜🤛 This forum is new, and it has one thing in mind. Let's create a beautiful community with many members.😉 i as an admin put...
  7. KooKerpo

    KooKerpo - Waters (Future House)

    Hello. What do you think ? Genre: Future House.
  8. KooKerpo

    About me,KooKerpo !!!

    Hello. I'm KooKerpo. I am from Romania and I am passionate about music production. My DAWs is FL studio. My musical genres are: Future House, Tropical House and Hardstyle. I'm not a professional producer, but I try to learn as much as possible. We created this community to learn as much as...