Stereo Width Production Trick For Clarity and Space


NOTE: There is a part where I talk about needing to press the "Stereoize" button for the effect to work. I should have clarified that this button needs to be pressed if your source is in MONO. If you already have some stereo width to your sound, this button is not essential. I hope I didn't cause confusion that this button must be pressed before the plugin does anything, I was only referring to MONO sources (Which is what we used in this video, the Rhodes and vocal). What I was referring to is also a common thing I see where a plugin being tweaked in "bypass" mode but the person swears it is making a difference.

This simple stereo width trick really gives a lot of space and focus to the vocal and transforms the sound of the song from a classic recording sound to a modern soundscape. Sometimes when trying to make an element more clear (such as the vocals) it's good to look at things competing with that element as opposed to trying to boost the clarity in the vocal. As with all stereo techniques make sure the sound doesn't end up out of phase or degraded too much, this technique can often be a "less is more" thing.