We are looking for moderators


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Hello🖐️, WELLCOME. ☺️
We are at the beginning, both us and you.
With this topic, I want to tell you that we are looking for moderators, members of the RProducers.Com team.🤜🤛
This forum is new, and it has one thing in mind.
Let's create a beautiful community with many members.😉
i as an admin put money in this forum, but know that I will not ask you for money. 😉
I'm asking for something else.
Those who want to join the RProducers.Com team have to do some tasks that will help us multiply. 🤗
1. First of all you have to be active. 👌
2.secondly, You to must help members who need us.
With answers, tips and opinions to their questions.💪
3. You should try to create tutorials based on your experience in music production. 💻
4. Help us promote this forum. (I mention, I'm not asking you for money) I want to promote it through messages and distributions.🗺️
Thank you, and I hope we all learn from this forum and create a beautiful community . ❤️❤️❤️